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Is there any issue with google colab today?

By, 3 months ago
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Is there any issue with google colab today? My command keep spinning from 30/45 mins

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I am not aware of any specific issues with Google Colab currently. It's possible that there may be an issue with your specific notebook or command, or that there is heavy usage of the Colab servers at the moment causing slower performance.

There are a few reasons why your command might be spinning for 30-45 minutes. It could be because the command you are running is computationally expensive, or it could be due to a poor internet connection that is causing delays in the transfer of data.

It's also possible that you are running into a limitation of the Colab environment, such as a limitation on the number of CPU or GPU cores that are available to your notebook.

Can you please share more details about the command you are running, the type of notebook and how much memory and/or GPU you are utilizing. That could help to find out the root cause.

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