What Our Students Say

Success Stories

Sanket Deore

Machine Learning Developer

Really great platform to get success from non technical to technical domain of Artificial Intelligence..

Rohini CS

Product Owner

Well planed course and Could relate with real time examples at work..

Sujay Misra

Database Manager

Teaching method and examples were good. Pace was bit fast & Training material is missing content intro page but overall it was a great experience..

Jyothi Monteiro

Senior Associate

Effective, Interactive, Planed coaching approach..

Vedika Jadhav

Asst. Manager

4 days PMP training was valuable & each topic has been explained neither examples. Which helps to understand the concept.

Alekhya Rao


Course was great, one suggestion is to share the presentation deck for each day at the end of training day..

Anjali Bais

Software Test Engineer

Course is good for the developing with a basic understanding of Kubernetes ..

Hetal Patel

Technical Solution Consultant

Faculty is very professional and technically strong. we will able to group data as much as possible interactive session made it a success..

Jyotika Uppal

Software Engineer

The course content was very good. Given summary of how to start project on data science and machine learning..

Jaykant Kabeerponthi

Senior Software Engineer

Training content was very subjective and easy to understand. I learn more new things which i never haired in the industry. It was fantastic way sir delivered every point of course..

Ojasvita Kakkar

Asst Consultant

Very valuable training. Krishna sir provided very good examples which could be easily relates to the topics..

Shivaraj kumar

Software Engineer

It is good. the trainer was food presentation skills..

Akshaj Kiran

Software Designer

this training on advanced python helped me to concert my on the usage of python . Also helps to understand the various aspects of machine learning..

Ankit Agrahari

Software Engineer

Good Understanding on the data science & machine Learning concepts..

Saravana Biraru K


Training was very informative and well presented..

Anand Sing Panwar


Great explanation and With easy example to understand the topic and make a happy nature to make the session interested.

Ankit Solanki


The course is designed in very organize structure and it contain many learning elements. Also we learned many points in detailed manner . thanks.

Panth Sanathy


Course was great, one suggestion is to share the presentation deck for each day at the end of training day..


Medial writer

Overall the training was good. Less time to allocated. Project Management tool become only those are working on the tool..

Ravi Desai

Asst. Manager

4 days PMP training was valuable & each topic has been explained neither examples. Which helps to understand the concept.

Satya Narayanan

Medical writer

Overall the training was good the course give a good overview of project management. I have learnt lot of new information . Trainer did an excellent gob..

K . Ravi Kishore Kumar

Deputy Manager

It was excellent . Paced it well and explained with suitable examples. Great session with would help me to get certified on PMP..

G N Vadeendra

Assistant Manager

Training was really good and helpful . Krishna helped us to solve so many doubts .Training has been provided on tilling the application also which is relay applicable..

Jeevan Kumar R

Software project manager

Valuable & effective , good insight of the tools & techniques.

Siva kumar Dangeti

Business Analyst

Really liked the interactive training given by Mr . Krishna , It helped in understanding the concept and easy to remember..

Shivam Pochori

Networking engineer

Ram was best on his capability & skill got good no of stacking point also to have more trainer like him.


Senior software engineer

Training course was good and the topic were explained clearly..


Team lead

Very good training . Excellent in communication and in engaging the audiance.

Adithya Knare


"It was good and informative contains good examples to explain concepts".

Shilpi Shukla

Business Analyst

"The training is must value add and well explained to enhance the device skills It will motivate to perform best practices in organization in day to day basis of service delivery.".

Suvarna Gaur

Java Designers

Course is good for the developing with a basic understanding of Kubernetes ..

Vidhi Lokhande

Business Analyst

Valuable & Effective , Good insight of the tools & techniques explained in the course content..

Hemanth R Badker

Assistant Manager

Excellent , Training was a good.

Muralidhar . G

Senior manager

training is very interactive, Live examples made the process understand clearly. material was very good.

Prateek Varma

Business Analyst

The training was clear, concise with good amount of depth in terms of topics coverage. I find it very useful and it will help me in doing my job effectively. I find Ram really friendly and knowledgeable..

Nakul Raipure

Mechanical Engineer

I took End to End Artificial Intelligence and I got all the required things at one place, the best part was the mentorship session where we used to clear our doubts with the help of mentors and I worked on lots of different poc's, which helped me to change my entire career into this AI.

Jatin Sinha

Mechanical Engineer

Very Interactive mentorship session..

Deepak Rajpal

Digital Marketing Executive

Enrolled for Master in Artificial Intelligence course.good training The examples provided during the session helped a lot..

Siddhi Karwa

Technical Lead

Data Science Flexi Course has changed my career...Each and Every concept is explained in a simple manner., Thank You InsideAIML Team..

Tejal Solanki

Graphic Designer

Machine Learning with Stats helped me to change my career.....Thanks to Faculty for the interactive mentorship support..

Akansha Gandhi

PHP Developer

Excellent training to switch career into data science, in such an affordable price. More than Expectation is there in this course content...Thanks InsideAIML.

Vinita Mehta

Sharepoint Developer

Very informative, with the best faculty.

Vaidehi Gupta

Relationship Manager

Excellent Training session & Special thanks to Saurabh.

Hemant Badekar

Assistant Manager

Good Training experience.

Vani Shrivastav

Software Tester

excellent one,Good Delivered.

Swathi Maroge

Test Engineer

Good Session . Very informative & effective..

Ramesh S Raj

DBA - Manager

Ankit Knows the topic very will and he explained the fundamentals and advanced methods , What Why and Where use it. Overall it was very good.

Pankaj Kasera

NOC Engineer

Course content is good the faculty who came here was god &delivered the thing in a practical manner..

Onkar Salian

Senior Software Developer

Very interactive & engaging course...Mentorship session helped me to clear each and every concept..

Akshay Jha

Electrical Engineer

I changed my entire domain into Artificial Intelligence, It all became possible only because of your encouraging and helping mentors.