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Why You Should Learn Data Science in 2022?
Dec 15th 7:00 PM 277 Registered

Everywhere we look, we see things are getting automated at an insane pace. While AI is eating up the existing jobs, it, along with Data Science, is also generating 2.5 million jobs every year. In this live boot camp session we will see What is Data Science and role of data Scientists and what they do in day to day life as Data Scientist? we will also look difference in ML , DS and AI with verity of salary ranges for jobs in this field.

Topics Covered
  • What is Data Science and role of data Scientists.

  • What is Machine Learning and how machine learns in Machine Learning?

  • What is difference in Machine Learning , Data Science and Artificial Intelligence?

  • What are the average salaries of Data Scientists?

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Live Masterclass on : "How Machine Get Trained in Machine Learning?"
Dec 8th 7:00 PM 453 Registered

This Masterclass will cover the details of ML and AI and how to make a successful career in AI with industry-wise AI opportunities.

Topics Covered
  • What is Machine Learning

  • How Machines are getting trained

  • Machine Learning VS Deep Learning

  • Opportunities in ML and AI

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