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How to extracting ZIP Files in Python?

By Jennifer, 2 years ago
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Extract the zip file using python module

Zip file
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Extracting ZIP Files in Python

>>> from zipfile import ZipFile
>>> import os
>>> os.chdir("path")  # use zip file path 
>>> file=""   # File name
>>> with ZipFile(file,'r') as zip:     # ZipFile constructor; READ mode; ZipFile object named as zip
          zip.printdir()               # To print contents of the archive
          print("Extracting files")
          zip.extractall()             # Extract contents of the ZIP to the current working directory
          print("Finished extracting")


File Name                                             Modified             Size
Demo.csv                                       2020-12-09 06:18:04       320086
Demo2.csv                                      2020-12-09 06:18:04       481510
Extracting files
Finished extracting

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