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Given a list of integers and a target number, write a function that returns a boolean indicating if its possible to sum two integers from the list to reach the target number

By Subham, 2 years ago
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  • You can not use an integer element twice. Optimize for time over space

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Solution :

For this problem we will take advantage of a set data structure. We will make a single pass through the list of integers, treating each element as the first integer of our possible sum.

At each iteration we will check to see if there is a second integer which will allow us hit the target number, adn we will use a set to check if we've already seen it in our list.

We will then update our seen set by adding the current number in the iteration to it.

def solution(lst,target):
  # Create set to keep track of duplicates
  seen = set()
  # We want to find if there is a num2 that sums with num to reach the target
  for num in lst:
    num2 = target - num
    if num2 in seen:
      return True
  # If we never find a pair match which creates the sum
  return False



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