Lead Data Scientist - Gramener Technology

6 years Hydrabad 5-8LPA


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Data Science
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Background in Computer Science/Computer Applications or any quantitative discipline (Statistics, Mathematics, Economics/Operations Research etc.) from a reputed institute. 6+ years of experience using analytical tools/languages like Python & R on large scale data. Strong understanding of analytics framework and algorithms such as regression and classification techniques, boosting, gradient descent, Forecasting, Clustering, Decision trees etc. Fair understanding of statistics – know when and what to apply. Expertise in NLP and good to have Semantic model & NER experience Good understanding of Deep Learning and Neural networks so that can be applied in any project as needed. Good in Deep learning frameworks like Open CV, PyTorch, Theano, Tensor Flow, Caffe etc. Should be able to implement solutions for industries e.g. pharma, healthcare, SaaS/ Tech etc. Ability to engage with client stakeholders at multiple levels and provide consultative solutioning across different domains. Experience in productionizing & retraining models

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Lead Data Scientist - Gramener Technology

6 years Hydrabad 5-8LPA

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