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11 AI Startups Of India That You Should Know About

Ankit Sahu

2 years ago

AI Startups Of India | insideAIML
Table Of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Intello Labs
  •  AskTalos
  • Doxper
  •  Artivatic Data Labs
  • Loginext
  • In-D
  • My Ally
  • Rayreach Technologies
  • Innefu
  • Ishitva Robotic Systems
  • Leverton 


          Did you know that there are more than 10,000 startups in India working in the AI ​​field? This number is even bigger than some of the developed countries. Whether it's healthcare, retail, law, fashion, manufacturing or banking, almost every industry in India is using AI to invent new forms of business.
Because of this, all eyes are on India around the world and our country faces fierce competition in the artificial intelligence and data science market. But in this post-pandemic world, AI has invaded operating rooms, agriculture, and even the courts.
So in today's blog, we are going to talk about the 9 startups that are changing the face of AI in India. We've picked the most promising names in each industry so stay until the end to pick your favourite.
Startup | insideAIML

The first name on our list is Intello Labs

Intello Labs | insideAIML
          Intello Labs has prepared a solid framework for agricultural commodity grading and quality control using AI techniques such as computer vision and deep learning. The company offers a web application based image-based solution that helps farmers and suppliers to add clarity and standardization to assessment and lower value risk and wastage in agriculture supply chains. Intello Labs is based out of Gurgaon, and it works with farmers, wholesalers, retailers and foodservice providers.

The second name on our list is AskTalos

AskTalos | insideAIML
          AskTalos is an efficient and intelligent AI chatbot system that responds to user requests without human intervention and trains over time. This chatbot helps automate repetitive work in the company so that employees can invest their time in more productive work. This SaaS-based technology company is based in Pune and serves almost every industry.

The next name on our list is from the healthcare domainDoxper

Doxper | insideAIML
          Doxper supports doctors, hospitals and patients with digitized records, reminders and schedules. Engagement results. Based on Mumbai, this digital dose system for the health system make data storage and recovery easy, as well as automate patient trailers and data transcripts.
Similar to Doxper, a more start-up, which is in the health domain of health care, is the Artivatic Data Labs.

Artivatic Data Labs

Artivatic Data Labs | insideAIML
          Artivatic Data Labs is an artificial intelligence infrastructure framework based on Deep tech, Machine Learning (ML) Technologies, deep Learning and in-depth Analogies Genomic Science, Psychology and Neurosciences. The Company enables large companies, entrepreneurs and developers to create and implement intelligent products and solutions without comprehensive growth. It is based in Bengaluru and provides support for the health and insurance industry.
Our next two picks are from Logistics. 

The Fifth is LogiNext

Loginext | insideAIML
       LogiNext is the company SaaS company instructor in the world, which optimizes field service and logistics movements by using data analysis and machine learning algorithms. 

The Sixth is IN-D

In-D | insideAIML
          IN-D developed an AI-powered platform for digital operations, which is an announcement in a chosen, agile, low cost and high value. Specify the processing of documents that use the annoying knowledge extraction for structured and unstructured data regardless of the template. These companies offer software as a service and serve customers around the world.

The Seventh name on our list is My Ally

My Ally | insideAIML
          My Ally is a modern SaaS-B2B organization that uses AI to improve recruitment. His AI assistant Alex takes care of scheduling and coordination so the talent team can focus on more difficult tasks. Although My Ally is based in Palo Alto, USA, the management is Indian and also operates its main activities from Hyderabad.

The eighth feature from our list is RayReach Technologies

Rayreach Technologies | insideAIML
          RayReach Technologies provides artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) solutions in the areas of automated prescriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics. In addition, RayReach also provides support for sales forecasting, sales forecasting, HR churn models, service management cases, SLA violation prediction, and much more. RayReach Tech operates out of Chennai and offers a variety of solutions for the government and banking sectors.

This ninth startup is mainly popular because of its efficient security services - Innefu Labs

Innefu | insideAIML
          Innefu Labs is a company that specializes in IT security solutions for the banking and financial services industries. Its artificial intelligence technology offers biometric authentication and multi-factor authentication systems such as data analysis to anticipate and avoid virtual threats. Innefu Labs is based in the Indian capital Delhi and provides data analysis and information security solutions to banks and NBFCs. 

The tenth feature in this list is Robotics Systems

Ishitva Robotic Systems | insideAIML
          Almost every industry has recognized the need for AI, and a good example of this is Ishitva Robotics Systems. A few years ago, no one could think of robotic systems for waste management. Ishitva Robotics uses this technology very efficiently. Ishitva Robotics Systems aims to solve real-world waste problems by developing effective solutions using artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of Things.  

The last company in this list are from the Legal domain - Leverton

Leverton | insideAIML
          Leverton Leverton is an MRI software company that provides an AI-powered data extraction platform for corporate and legal documents. Identification and elimination of data discrepancies. Leverton claims to speed up everyday data mining processes by 50-75%, giving employees more time to focus on higher-value strategic tasks.

At The End...

          So that was our list of 11 startups that are changing the face of AI in India. For more information and news about AI, please visit our website It's a dedicated platform for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science learning needs - if you know of a company worth mentioning but missing, let us know in the comments section below. We'll definitely be making another blog that combines all of the names.
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