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Why Python3 should we used?

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Why Python3 should be used? 

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Python 3 is an updated version of the popular Python programming language. Here are a few reasons why Python 3 is a great choice for programming:

Improved Syntax: Python 3 has an improved syntax, which makes it easier to read and write code. For example, print is now a function rather than a statement, and strings are now Unicode by default.

Better Performance: Python 3 is faster than its previous version, Python 2. The updated version of Python has several performance enhancements, including improved garbage collection and optimized built-in functions.

Enhanced Standard Library: Python 3 has an enhanced standard library that includes several new modules and improvements to existing modules. For example, the unittest module now includes new test discovery features, and the asyncio module has been added for asynchronous programming.

Stronger Security: Python 3 has improved security features compared to Python 2. This includes improvements in hash algorithms, random number generation, and SSL/TLS support.

Better Support: While Python 2 is still supported, it will no longer receive updates after 2020. Python 3 is the future of the language, and it will continue to be updated and maintained for years to come. Additionally, the Python community has shifted their focus to supporting Python 3, meaning that it is easier to find resources, libraries, and support for Python 3.

Overall, Python 3 is a great choice for programming, especially if you want to take advantage of the latest features and improvements in the language.

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