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while saving my code in pdf it shows Internal Server Error ,What can we do in such case to reduce the no of pages

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  1. Whenever I try to save my code in pdf it shows 500: Internal Server Error and copyting wach and every code to word will also take a lot of time. What to do in such case to reduce the no of pages 

500: internal server error
2 Answers

Search this on google - convert ipynb to pdf


There are a few options you can try to reduce the number of pages when saving your code as a PDF:

  1. Use a code editor with built-in support for exporting to PDF. Some code editors, such as Visual Studio Code, have the ability to export to PDF directly from the editor.
  2. Use a code snippet manager that allows you to organize your code into smaller chunks, so you can export only the relevant sections to PDF.
  3. Use a program like "pdftk" to split your PDF into smaller files.
  4. Use a print to pdf feature of your browser and change the layout to landscape and reduce the font size to decrease the number of pages.
  5. Use an online pdf compressor which will reduce the number of pages by compressing the pdf.
  6. You can also use a tool like LaTeX which can format your code and optimize the layout for readability.

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