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formatted my pc and installed vs code but the interface was changed, unable install pandas or matlab

By, 3 months ago
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I have formatted my pc and installed vs code but the interface was changed And i couldn't install pandas or matlab Can anyone suggest what to do

Jupyter nootbook
2 Answers

Use Jupyter notebook or Google Colab


I can certainly help you with that. First, have you installed the Python extension for Visual Studio Code? This is necessary to enable Python support in VS Code and to use the various features such as linting, debugging, and IntelliSense.

To install the Python extension, open VS Code and bring up the extensions menu by clicking on the extensions icon in the left sidebar or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+X (Windows) or Cmd+Shift+X (macOS). Then, search for "Python" in the extensions marketplace and install the extension by Microsoft.

Once the extension is installed, you should be able to create a new Python file in VS Code by selecting "File > New > Python File" from the top menu. This will create a new file with the .py extension and you will be able to write Python code in this file.

To install pandas, you can use the built-in terminal in VS Code. To open the terminal, click on the Terminal menu and then click on "New Terminal". This will open a terminal window at the bottom of the VS Code window. In the terminal, enter the following command to install pandas:

pip install pandas

This will install the latest version of pandas and all of its dependencies. You should see output in the terminal as the package is being downloaded and installed.

For installing Matlab, you need to first download and install it from the Mathworks website. Once you have installed Matlab, you can use the "matlab" command in the terminal to launch it.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any question

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