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How to convert .ipynb file to pdf

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How to convert .ipynb file to pdf

Jupyter notebook
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You can use the nbconvert command to convert a Jupyter notebook (.ipynb file) to a PDF. To do this, you'll need to have a few dependencies installed:

A working installation of LaTeX, which you can get from

The nbconvert command, which is part of the Jupyter package and can be installed using pip install jupyter.

Once you have these dependencies installed, you can convert the Jupyter notebook to PDF by running the following command:

jupyter nbconvert --to pdf mynotebook.ipynb

This will generate a PDF file named mynotebook.pdf in the same directory as the original .ipynb file.

You can also use the --template option to specify a custom template for the PDF output. For example:

jupyter nbconvert --to pdf --template mytemplate.tplx mynotebook.ipynb

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