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How do I access and run a specific function within an array of functions?

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Can you provide guidance on calling a function from an array of functions?

Run a specific function
array of functions
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In Python, you can access and run a specific function within an array of functions by indexing the array with the position of the function you want to call. Here's an example:

def greet():

def goodbye():

# create an array of functions
functions = [greet, goodbye]

# access and run the first function in the array
functions[0]()   # prints "Hello!"

# access and run the second function in the array
functions[1]()   # prints "Goodbye!"

In this example, we define two functions greet and goodbye, and then create an array called functions that contains both of these functions. To access and run the functions, we use the indexing operator [] to specify the position of the function we want to call within the array, and then we use parentheses () to call the function. Note that we need to include the parentheses even if the function doesn't take any arguments.

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