Find the Largest and smallest items in a collection.

By Sajid, 6 months ago
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To find the largest items in a collection and which module is used for this.

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To find the largest items in a collection, heapq module has a function called nlargest , we pass it two arguments, the

first one is the number of items that we want to retrieve, the second one is the collection name:

import heapq
numbers = [1, 4, 2, 100, 20, 50, 32, 200, 150, 8]
print(heapq.nlargest(4, numbers)) # [200, 150, 100, 50]

Similarly, to find the smallest items in a collection, we use nsmallest function:

print(heapq.nsmallest(4, numbers)) # [1, 2, 4, 8]

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