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Does Google Colab permit inconsistency in indentation on the initial lines?

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Is it possible to have an indentation mismatch on the first lines when using Google Colab?

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No, Google Colab (or any Python environment) does not permit inconsistency in the indentation on the initial lines of a Python code block.

Indentation is a crucial aspect of Python syntax and is used to indicate the scope of control structures such as loops, functions, and conditional statements. If there is any inconsistency in indentation, Python will raise an error, such as an IndentationError or SyntaxError.

It is important to ensure that the indentation in your code is consistent and properly aligned to avoid these errors. In Google Colab, you can use the tab key or the spacebar to indent your code, and you should make sure to use the same number of spaces for each indentation level throughout your code.

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