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What is the difference between structured and unstructured data?

By Jennifer, 2 years ago
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explain the difference between structured and unstructured data .

Structured data
Unstructured data
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Difference between structured and unstructured data :

  1. Structured data is clearly defined and searchable types of data, while unstructured data is usually stored in its native format. 
  2. Structured data is quantitative, while unstructured data is qualitative.
  3. Structured data is often stored in data warehouse, while unstructured data is stored in data lakes.
  4. Structured data is easy to search and analyze, while unstructured data requires more work to process and understand.  
  5. Structured data exists in predefined formats, while unstructured data is in a variety of formats. 
  6. Structured data is stored in tabular formats like excel sheets or SQL databases.
  7. Unstructured data is stored as audio files, videos files, or NoSQL databases

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