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What is the difference between Flask and Django?

By Ganesh, 2 years ago
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differentiate the flask and Django framework

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Flask :

  1. Created in 2010
  2. Python web framework built for rapid development.
  3. Flask is WSGI framework.
  4. Flask provides support for API.
  5. Support Visual Debug.
  6. Flask allows you to use multiple types of databases.
  7. Flask has no default support for forms, but you can use WTForms to fill the gap.
  8. Flask does not offer dynamic HTML pages.
  9. The request based object is imported from the flask module, which is a global variable in Flask.
  10. Flask is much younger platform compared to Django.
  11. Flask offers a diversified working style.
  12. It supports an extension which could be implemented in the framework.
  13. The structure of the project layout for Flask web framework is random.
  14. Flask web framework uses a Ninja2 template design.
  15. URL dispatcher of the Flask web framework is a RESTful request.
  16. Flask does not offer a built-in bootstrapping tool.
  17. Flask is a good choice if you want a lightweight codebase.
  18. Flask framework is suitable for single application.
  19. Flask Web Framework doesn't offer support for third-party applications.
  20. Git hub stars 48.8 K
  21. Best features of the flask is it is lightweight, open source, and offer minimal coding for developing an application.
  22. Famous companies using Flask are: Netflix, Reddit, Lyft, MIT

Django :

  1. Created in 2005
  2. Python web framework built for easy and simple projects.
  3. Django is a Full Stack Web Framework.
  4. Django doesn't have any support for API.
  5. No support for Visual Debug.
  6. Django doesn't offer multiple types of databases.
  7. Django comes Form with which can be integrate with the ORM and the admin site.
  8. Django offers dynamic HTML pages.
  9. All views are set as an individual parameter in the Django.
  10. Django is a very mature framework.
  11. Django offers a Monolithic working style.
  12. Django has its own module library. So, it stores several prewritten codes.
  13. The structure of the project layout for the Django is conventional.
  14. Django web framework helps you to utilizes the View web templating system.
  15. URL dispatcher of this Django framework is based on controller-regex.
  16. Django-admin enables developers to start building web applications without any external input.
  17. The best feature of Django is Robust documentation.
  18. Django framework allows developers to divide a project into multiple page application.
  19. Django Web Framework supports a large number of third-party applications.
  20. Git hub stars 47.1 K
  21. The best features of Django are Rapid development, Open source, Great Community, Easy to learn.
  22. Famous companies using Django are Instagram, Coursera, Udemy.

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