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What is a Inplace Operations in Python?

By Neha, 2 years ago
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What is inplace operations and how to use it in python?

Inplace operations
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Inplace Operations :

It is common within applications to need to have code like this:

a = a + 1


a = a * 2

There is an effective shortcut for these in place operations:

a += 1


a *= 2

Any mathematic operator can be used before the '=' character to make an inplace operation:

-= decrement the variable in place

+= increment the variable in place

*= multiply the variable in place

/= divide the variable in place

//= floor divide the variable in place # Python 3

%= return the modulus of the variable in place

**= raise to a power in place

Other in-place operators exist for the bitwise operators ( ^ , | etc)

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