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How to know given a binary tree is a binary search tree or not?

By Neha, 2 years ago
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Given a binary tree, check whether it’s a binary search tree or not.

Data structure
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Solution :

To keep track of the minimum and maximum values a node can take. And at each node we will check whether its value is between the min and max values it’s allowed to take. The root can take any value between negative infinity and positive infinity. At any node, its left child should be smaller than or equal than its own value, and similarly the right child should be larger than or equal to. So during recursion, we send the current value as the new max to our left child and send the min as it is without changing. And to the right child, we send the current value as the new min and send the max without changing.

class Node:
  def __init__(self, k, val):
    self.key = k
    self.value = val
    self.left = None
    self.right = None
def tree_max(node):
  if not node:
    return float("-inf")
  maxleft = tree_max(node.left)
  maxright = tree_max(node.right)
  return max(node.key, maxleft, maxright)
def tree_min(node):
  if not node:
    return float("inf")
  minleft = tree_min(node.left)
  minright = tree_min(node.right)
  return min(node.key, minleft, minright)
def verify(node):
  if not node:
    return True
  if (tree_max(node.left) <= node.key <= tree_min(node.right) and
    verify(node.left) and verify(node.right)):
    return True
    return False
root= Node(10, "Hello")
root.left = Node(5, "Five")
root.right= Node(30, "Thirty")
print(verify(root)) # prints True, since this tree is valid
root = Node(10, "Ten")
root.right = Node(20, "Twenty")
root.left = Node(5, "Five")
root.left.right = Node(15, "Fifteen")
print(verify(root)) # prints False, since 15 is to the left of 10

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