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How Python interpreter Works?

By Sajid, 2 years ago
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Is python an interpreter language? how python program executes?

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Python is a interpreter language.Python interpreter execute program line by line.

The Python interpreter performs following tasks to execute a Python program :

  1. The python code is compiled into python byte code, which creates file with extension .pyc .It checks the syntax of each line if any error throws an error immediately.
  2. Compilation is simply a translation step, and byte code is a lower-level, and platform-independent representation of your source code.Each of your source statements is translated into a group of byte code instructions.
  3. The .pyc file , created in compilation step, is then executed by appropriate Python virtual machines.
  4. The Virtual Machine is the runtime engine of Python and it is always present as part of the Python system, and is the component that truly runs the Python scripts .

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