Machine Learning Engineer-quantiphi

3 years Mumbai,Bengalore 3-5LPA


Key Skills
Python Machine Learning
Job Description

Apart from being Driven, Energetic and Ambitious, you’ll need the following: • Hands-on experience in either python or R Expertise in atleast 1 AI/ML discipline (such as Statistical modeling, Computer Vision, Recommender Systems or Natural Language Understanding) First-hand experience with deploying and maintaining deep learning systems and services in production at scale. Expertise in Tensorflow or PyTorch is a must Good to have experience deploying ML software on Kubernetes Good to have exposure to TensorRT, DeepStream, Transfer learning toolkit and CUDA Can break down projects into actionable tasks Must know how GitLab for release management Passion for working across teams and with stakeholders on all sides of the project Ability to implement a research paper, as well as augment the current solution and communicate it to clients and team Experience in cloud infrastructure like GCP, AWS and Azure, gets brownie points

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