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According to Gartner Research, there is 2.9Lakh Data Scientist Required in 2021.

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  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Python 3.8
  • Spacy 2.0
  • Anaconda

“Our intelligence is what makes us human, and AI is an extension of that quality.” The current market is partially dependent on Artificial Intelligence. This Artificial Intelligence has entered into different domains Health, e-commerce, Retail sector, and many others. Human's general employment is being replaced with AI, where AI produces profits, saving time, and accuracy. So all the reasons are shifting from human efforts to AI. In this 21st century, the world needs data scientists to AI models like Speech Recognization, Face detection, Predicting the failures. Our INSIDEAIML is specially meant for Artificial Intelligence. Kick start your career in AI with the help of INSIDEAIML. Here we provide live assistance with projects and Job placements.


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Total Lectures: 447

Machine Learning from the Beginning

62 Lectures

Introduction To Machine Learning
Types Of Machine Learning, Such As Supervised, Unsupervised, And Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning With Python, And The Applications Of Machine Learning
Introduction To Supervised Learning And The Types Of Supervised Learning, Such As Regression And Classification
Introduction To Regression
Simple Linear Regression
Multiple Linear Regression And Assumptions In Linear Regression
Math Behind Linear Regression
Hands-on Exercise:implementing Linear Regression From Scratch With Python
Hands-on Exercise:using Python Library Scikit-learn To Perform Simple Linear Regression And Multiple Linear Regression
Hands-on Exercise:implementing Train–test Split And Predicting The Values On The Test Set
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Deep Learning In ML

99 Lectures

Supervised Machine Learning Vs Unsupervised Machine Learning Vs Re Enforcment Learning
Traditional Methodologies Used In Machine Learning
A Brief Introduction About Deep Learning
Difference Between Deep Learning And Machine Learning
Classification And Regression In Deep Learning
A Brief Intro About Neurons
How Can We Compare Human Brain With Ai
How The Evolution Of Deep Learning Happened
Multi-layer Network Introduction, Regularization, Deep Neural Networks
Multi-layer Perceptron
Overfitting And Capacity
Neural Network Hyperparameters, Logic Gates
What Is Activation Function?
Different Activation Functions Available
When We Should Use Sigmoid Activation Function?
When We Should Use Softwax Activation Function?
When We Should Use Relu Activation Function?
What Is Leaky Relu
Use Of Tanh Activation Function
Hyperbolic Functions
Weight Initialization
Different Types Of Weight Initialization
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Python Programming

135 Lectures

Introduction To Python
Difference Between Python 2 And Python 3
How To Download Python 3
Print() Function
Escape() Sequence
Comments In Python
Raw Strings In Python
How To Print() Emoji
How To Use Python As A Calculator
How To Use Variable In Python
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Advance Data Science

129 Lectures

Brief Intro About Data Science
Data Science Life Cycle
How Data Science Entered Into Different Domains
Why Python Is Used Extensively For Data Science
Process To Analyze Data
Brief Introduction To Exploratory Data Analysis
Sub-topics Included In Exploratory Data Analysis
Handling Missing Data
How To Detect Out-liers
Understanding Data Distribution By Plotting
Analyzing Data By The Results Of Plotting
Correcting Data Types
Data Types And Plotting
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Mini and Mega Python Projects

  • 5+ Projects
  • 10+ Lectures
  • Code + Assignments
  • Basic Python projects like Hangman game, snake game, phone book using python.
  • These projects will make you proficient in Python programming language.
  • Advance projects like password generate and matplotlib also covered.
  • Boston House price prediction.

13 Lectures

The Hangman Game Description
The Hangman Game Code
Snake Game Description
Snake Game Code
Phonebook (Add, Delete, Updated Contacts) Description
Phonebook (Add, Delete, Updated Contacts) Code
Password Generator Description
Password Generator Code
Matplotlib Poc

Mini & Mega ML Projects

  • Beginner level Ml projects like employee attrition rate detection.
  • Classification of X-ray and IRIS data set classification projects.

9 Lectures

Employee Attrition Rate Detection Using Advance Ml Algorithms Part-1
Employee Attrition Rate Detection Using Advance Ml Algorithms Part-2
Employee Attrition Rate Detection Using Advance Ml Algorithms Part-3
Employee Attrition Rate Detection Using Advance Ml Algorithms Part-4
Boston House Price Prediction Description
Classification Of Covid X-ray
Classification Of Covid X-ray Code
Classification Of Flowers Using Iris Dataset Description
Classification Of Flowers Using Iris Dataset Code

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