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According to Gartner Research, there is 2.9Lakh Data Scientist Required in 2022.

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  • Google colab
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  • Python 3.8

This course is designed for learners to start learning basic Artificial intelligence In this course, you will learn–-Significance of neuron-Different types of activation functions-How neural network works? -Significance of Gradient Descent and Back propagation -Implement in Python programmingI will be teaching everything from human brain anatomy correlation with Artificial neural network to its actual implementation in Python. Also I will be providing multiple use cases and practical assignments in python to learn AI basics. This course is for who want to learn Artificial Intelligence without any Prior knowledge of Python.


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Total Lectures: 23

Brain of AI - Artificial Neural Network

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23 Lectures

What Is Biological Intuition To Get Ai Popular ?
What Is Perceptron?
How Should We Assign Weights?
Introduction To Deep Learning
What Is Activation Function?
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