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According to Gartner Research, there is 2.9Lakh Data Scientist Required in 2021.

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  • Jupyter Notrbook
  • Python 3.8
  • Spacy 2.0 and above

In recent times, Data Science, an emerging technology, has perhaps been the most discussed term in the Information and Technology industry. Data Science has become one of the preferred career paths among IT professionals. In the field of Data Science, Statistics plays an important role. Stats acts as basement for the career in Data Science. If you learn Data Science, without the knowledge of stats, It means constructing building without proper pillar. Here we cover the concpets from Descriptive Statistcs and Inferential Statistics. On top of this we construct our first layer that is Machine Learning. In present market Career opportunities have exponentially grown in the recent few years. Even companies are searching for data scientists. You are in right time to switch your career into the Field of Data Science.


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Total Lectures: 107

End to End Data Science

self Placed


  • 5 Weeks Program
  • 33+ Section
  • 180+ Lectures
  • 10+ Assignments
  • From basics of Data science till advance Data science topics.
  • EDA techniques in Data Science.
  • Feature encoding and scaling on data.
  • Performance Metrics and time series like important Data science topics.
  • Data Science visualization tools like matplotlib.
  • Converting text data to machine understandable format like word embedding.

106 Lectures

How To Go Through This Course?
Data Wrangling
Removing Unwanted Columns
Verify Data Is Normally Distributed?
Filling Missing Values
Checking Multi-colirnality
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