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Data Science Master Program warangal

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  • 340+ High Quality Lectures For Life Time
  • 100+ hrs of course content
  • 5 Months Live Class Access
  • Weekly Assignment and tracking of progress
  • Support for Code
  • 15+ Real Time Projects
  • 100% Job Assistance

According to Gartner Research, there is 2.9Lakh Data Scientist Required in 2022.

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  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Python 3.8
  • Spacy 2.0 and above

In recent times, Data Science, an emerging technology, has perhaps been the most discussed term in the Information and Technology industry. Data Science has become one of the preferred career paths among IT professionals. In the field of Data Science, Statistics plays an important role. Stats acts as basement for the career in Data Science. If you learn Data Science, without the knowledge of stats, It means constructing building without proper pillar. Here we cover the concepts from Descriptive Statistics and Inferential Statistics. On top of this we construct our first layer that is Machine Learning. In present market Career opportunities have exponentially grown in the recent few years. Even companies are searching for data scientists. You are in right time to switch your career into the Field of Data Science.

Learning Path

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Total Lectures: 400

Python - Heart Of AI

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  • 5 Weeks Program
  • 31+ Section
  • 200+ Lectures
  • 10+ Assignments
  • Basic Python programming concepts,Variables, lists, loops, function like object oriented concepts in python
  • Data iterations and different operation on data frames using numpy and pandas.
  • Exception handling & more multi-threading and data base connectivity in python.
  • UI development and application development using Flask in using python.
  • Grammar Correction in Text, Speech To text Conversion in Python
  • Guide For non-technical learners how to start programming career and prerequisites.

84 Lectures

Work Around With Jupyter Aenvironment
Data Types
Variables And Identifiers
Printing Function
Assignment Operator
Logical Operator
Arithmetic Operator
Relationship Operator
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Django Web Framework

self Placed

  • Django one of the important Python framework which helps to design web based application.
  • To deploy Machine learning application to web Django is top most used technique.
  • From installation of Django till page creation and different operations covered.
  • Services in Django, MVT, and object binding like all topics covered in depth.

12 Lectures

Introduction To Django
Installation Of Django
First App Using Django
Pages Creation - Home Page
Dynamic Pages
Operations In Django
Services Using Django (Rest Services)
Model View Template In Django
Static Template In Django Part 1
Static Template Part 2
Object Binding In Django
Multiple Object Binding

Mini and Mega Python Projects

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  • 5+ Projects
  • 10+ Lectures
  • Code + Assignments
  • Basic Python projects like Hangman game, snake game, phone book using python.
  • These projects will make you proficient in Python programming language.
  • Advance projects like password generate and matplotlib also covered.
  • Boston House price prediction.

9 Lectures

The Hangman Game Description
The Hangman Game Code
Snake Game Description
Snake Game Code
Phonebook (Add, Delete, Updated