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Data Science Master Program Gurgaon

What you will get in this course?

  • 340+ High Quality Lectures For Life Time
  • 100+ hrs of course content
  • 5 Months Live Class Access
  • Weekly Assignment and tracking of progress
  • Support for Code
  • 15+ Real Time Projects
  • 100% Job Assistance

According to Gartner Research, there is 2.9Lakh Data Scientist Required in 2022.

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  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Python 3.8
  • Spacy 2.0 and above

In recent times, Data Science, an emerging technology, has perhaps been the most discussed term in the Information and Technology industry. Data Science has become one of the preferred career paths among IT professionals. In the field of Data Science, Statistics plays an important role. Stats acts as basement for the career in Data Science. If you learn Data Science, without the knowledge of stats, It means constructing building without proper pillar. Here we cover the concepts from Descriptive Statistics and Inferential Statistics. On top of this we construct our first layer that is Machine Learning. In present market Career opportunities have exponentially grown in the recent few years. Even companies are searching for data scientists. You are in right time to switch your career into the Field of Data Science.

Learning Path

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Total Lectures: 400

Python - Heart Of AI

self Placed


  • 5 Weeks Program
  • 31+ Section
  • 200+ Lectures
  • 10+ Assignments
  • Basic Python programming concepts,Variables, lists, loops, function like object oriented concepts in python
  • Data iterations and different operation on data frames using numpy and pandas.
  • Exception handling & more multi-threading and data base connectivity in python.
  • UI development and application development using Flask in using python.
  • Grammar Correction in Text, Speech To text Conversion in Python
  • Guide For non-technical learners how to start programming career and prerequisites.

84 Lectures

Work Around With Jupyter Aenvironment
Data Types
Variables And Identifiers
Printing Function
Assignment Operator
Logical Operator
Arithmetic Operator
Relationship Operator
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Django Web Framework

self Placed

  • Django one of the important Python framework which helps to design web based application.
  • To deploy Machine learning application to web Django is top most used technique.
  • From installation of Django till page creation and different operations covered.
  • Services in Django, MVT, and object binding like all topics covered in depth.

12 Lectures

Introduction To Django
Installation Of Django
First App Using Django
Pages Creation - Home Page
Dynamic Pages
Operations In Django
Services Using Django (Rest Services)
Model View Template In Django
Static Template In Django Part 1
Static Template Part 2
Object Binding In Django
Multiple Object Binding

Mini and Mega Python Projects

self Placed


  • 5+ Projects
  • 10+ Lectures
  • Code + Assignments
  • Basic Python projects like Hangman game, snake game, phone book using python.
  • These projects will make you proficient in Python programming language.
  • Advance projects like password generate and matplotlib also covered.
  • Boston House price prediction.

9 Lectures

The Hangman Game Description
The Hangman Game Code
Snake Game Description
Snake Game Code
Phonebook (Add, Delete, Updated Contacts) Description
Phonebook (Add, Delete, Updated Contacts) Code
Password Generator Description
Password Generator Code
Matplotlib Poc

Statistics for Machine Learning

self Placed


  • Basics of Statistics required for Machine learning and data science.
  • Central tendency and measure of dispersion like stats topics
  • Scaling methods and variables in Stats
  • Distribution and data engineering part of stats covered in depth.

21 Lectures

What Is Inferential Statistics?
What Is Descriptive Statistics?
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Machine Learning

self Placed


  • 5 Weeks Program
  • 33+ Section
  • 210+ Lectures
  • 10+ Assignments
  • What is machine learning, how training performs in Machine Learning, train test split in ML.
  • Different machine learning algorithms like linear regression, decision tree, random forest and other.
  • Clustering and classification algorithms in ML.
  • Supervised and unsupervised algorithms in ML.
  • LDA and PCA like important topics of Machine learning.
  • Docker Container and deployment of ML application to cloud.

70 Lectures

Descriptive Statistics
Inferential Statistics
Introduction To Machine Learning
What Is Machine Learning?
Supervised Learning
Unsupervised Learning
Machine Learning Honor Code
What Is Machine Learning?
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Mini & Mega ML Projects

self Placed


  • Beginner level Ml projects like employee attrition rate detection.
  • Classification of X-ray and IRIS data set classification projects.

12 Lectures

Employee Attrition Rate Detection Using Advance Ml Algorithms Part-1
Employee Attrition Rate Detection Using Advance Ml Algorithms Part-2
Employee Attrition Rate Detection Using Advance Ml Algorithms Part-3
Employee Attrition Rate Detection Using Advance Ml Algorithms Part-4
Boston House Price Prediction Description
Classification Of Covid X-ray
Classification Of Covid X-ray Code
Classification Of Flowers Using Iris Dataset Description
Classification Of Flowers Using Iris Dataset Code
Sentiment Analysis
Stock Price Prediction
Sales Forecasting

End to End Data Science

self Placed


  • 5 Weeks Program
  • 33+ Section
  • 180+ Lectures
  • 10+ Assignments
  • From basics of Data science till advance Data science topics.
  • EDA techniques in Data Science.
  • Feature encoding and scaling on data.
  • Performance Metrics and time series like important Data science topics.
  • Data Science visualization tools like matplotlib.
  • Converting text data to machine understandable format like word embedding.

106 Lectures

How To Go Through This Course?
Data Wrangling
Removing Unwanted Columns
Verify Data Is Normally Distributed?
Filling Missing Values
Checking Multi-colirnality
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self Placed

  • Report generation in PowerBI.
  • Industry standard projects in PowerBI
  • Creating app using PowerBI, drill down approach and writing queries using SQL.
  • One of the most used visualization tool in the industry covered from basic installation till top visualization techniques.

63 Lectures

What Should One Learn
Echo System
Sql And Powerbi
Features In Powerbi-part1
Features In Powerbi-part2
Features In Powerbi-part3
Features In Powerbi-part4
Features In Powerbi-part5
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Course Fee

Self-Paced Learning

Data Science Flexy Course

  • Python Hear Of AI
  • Django Web Framework
  • Projects in Python
  • Statistics
  • Machine Learning
  • Projects In Machine Learning
  • End To End Data Science

₹ 35000

Live Course (Recommended)

Data Science Master Live Program

  • Flexy Course+
  • Python Live Class Access
  • Machine Learning Live Class Access
  • Data Science Live Class Access
  • 100% Job Assistance
  • Weekly Assignment Allocation.

₹ 75000

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Data Science IBM Certification

Opt for IBM AI Certificate directly from authorized IBM Channel. Learn end-to-end AI topics for required make successful career in AI.

  • Industry recognized IBM Certificate.
  • Support For Code through AskTalos.
  • Skill Test For knowledge check and certification.

Data Science Certificate

This certificate ensures that the student has undergone a rigorous training in "Data Science & Machine Learning With Statistics" course with through undestanding of the concepts. Certification @InsideAIML ensures assistance in job interviews in more than 500 organizations across the globe

  • Industry Recognised AI Certificate
  • InsideAIML Certificate From Leeds University UK.
  • Certificate with grades in top required topics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long I can access this course once subscribed?

You can access it for life time. There will not be any recursive payment.
This course covers every concept in detail that makes is suitable for students from both technical as well as non-technical background. Infact, significant proportion of students who have subscribed are from non-technical background.
Yes. It is accessible for lifetime. Also as new technology comes out then new content will get added in this course.
This course includes python programming language, statistics, Machine Learning and data science concepts. Hence, this course is suitable for anyone who aims to be : Python Developer OR Machine Learning Developer OR a Data Scientist.
Yes, We provide 100% job assistance after this course.
We have a weekend live classes on every Saturady-Sunday where you can join and ask doubts and get an concepts cleared.
Participants in this program should have: A decent understanding of Python for Data Science. A laptop/computer and a high-speed internet connection. Basic knowledge of statistics. Basic knowledge of computer programming And loads of passion and interest for learning.
To understand why Python? First understand that Python is one of the most accessible programming languages because of its simplified syntax, which gives more emphasis on natural language. Due to its ease of learning and usage, it is applied as Python Data Analysis & Python Data Science. Codes are easily written and executed faster than other programming languages. That’s why Python is most commonly used to build AI algorithm.
No. This Data Science course in Gurgaon is the same for all the students, no matter where they come from.
How to use Python for Data Science, libraries like NumPy, Power BI, SciPy, Scikit, and essential Machine Learning techniques, such as supervised and unsupervised learning, advanced concepts covering artificial neural networks and layers of data abstraction, TensorFlow and more. This Data Science with Python program also covers 20+ live projects such as House Prediction Data, Image Colorization, MNIST Data Analysis, Tripadvisor Data Analysis, Bike Sharing Data Analysis, Transfer GAN, Forest Fire, Text QnA, Wine Quality Data Analysis etc.
The course is designed to give you in-depth knowledge, including the essentials of statistics required for Data Science with Python programming, Deep Learning and Machine Learning. Through this Python Data Science Course, you will be able to step into the world of AI in multinational companies, startups and government agencies.

This Data Science course in Gurgaon is well suited for the following people:

  • Graduates looking to build a career in Data Science and machine learning
  • Professionals looking to pivot their career to the Data Science domain
  • Software Developers aspiring to be Data Science Engineer
  • Information Architects who want to gain expertise in Data Science algorithms
  • Analytics professionals who want to work in the Data Science domain
  • Experienced professionals who would like to harness Data Science in their fields

Participants in this program should have:

  • A decent understanding of Python for Data Science
  • A laptop/computer and a high-speed internet connection
  • Basic knowledge of statistics
  • Basic knowledge of computer programming
  • And loads of passion and interest for learning
First upon you need to maintain 80% attendance in the live classes to get qualified for IBM Certification Test. Candidate need to work on the allocated assignments and then there will be live test to get the certificate from the IBM.

Upon completion, InsideAIML will prepare you for company interviews and help you get a job. Companies can be from all over India including your local neighbourhood in Gurgaon. Some of the jobs you will be applicable to apply for are as follows:

  • Data Science Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Analytics Manager/Lead
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Statistical Programming Specialist

As a part of this AI online data science course in Gurgaon, you will receive the following:

  • Basic to advance training of codes and concepts such as Python for Data Science.
  • Lifetime access to e-learning content for all of the courses included in the learning path.
  • An industry-recognized certification from IBM upon successful completion of the program.
  • Free lifetime support for code via our discussion forum.
  • Complete access to our e-library.
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  • Application-based learning
  • Dedicated job portal for AI
  • 100 % job Guarantee
  • 24*7 Chat Support
  • Live Class Access for 1 year.
  • 200+ Hrs of Quality Content
  • Collaboration with 150+ TOP MNC's
  • Flexible learning schedule


Our Learners Thought About us

Shivdeep Singh

  • AI Business Analyst
  • 4.8 Years

The course "Data Science Master Program" helped me understand and implement python in the project I was working on in office. The guidance provided in using the functions and loops were clear enough to help me complete the project in time.

Alok Sinha

  • Python Developer
  • 4.9 Years

The Job assistance provided by the InsideAIML provided me 3 job interview opportunities of which I was selected for one of the organizations that I am working on now. A special cheer for the job assistance team for providing me the interview opportunities even during the pandemic situation.

Saravana Biraru K

  • ML Engineer
  • 4.5 Years

The AI certification from InsideAIML was an ad-on feature for me during my promotion at my organization as it stands for hands-on experience on real-time assignments and complete grasp of detailed concepts in Python, Machine Learning and data science.