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Top 10 Best Career Options for Science Students

Ankit Sahu

2 years ago

Are you collapsing in a science class? Are you still looking about and uncertain of the career paths available in the science field? You're on the right page of college vidya if you're looking for the greatest career prospects for students majoring in science inside a science stream. These courses are in demand and trendy, and they provide excellent skills and knowledge.
A student must have studied science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and English) in their 12th grade or upon graduating from a three-year undergraduate specialized study to be eligible to pursue these career opportunities. Even after passing your 12th grade or graduating, you could pursue these job opportunities. So let's get to the meat of this blog post without further ado. To make your career walk on a guided road, scroll down and read all the way to the conclusion. 

Career Options for Science Students

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Professionals with this knowledge will be priceless as digitization quickly permeates practically every aspect of modern life. Not only are AI and machine learning exciting and novel, but they are also in high demand. Additionally, major firms are spending a lot of money on hiring specialists in these processes. This also makes it a very commercially feasible profession. These courses are available as part of many degree programs at institutions in India.
A degree in computer science with additional coursework in artificial intelligence and machine learning can be sufficient to pursue a career in practical AI and ML. Once you have earned your undergraduate degree, you can also pursue a Master's program in AI or ML. However, if you are someone who has already completed your degree program, you can refer to programs like the machine learning program and other management institutions that are delivered right to your home by InsideAIML. 
You can also look at our machine learning program. One of India's most esteemed universities is IIT Delhi. It has more than 500 internal faculty members that are experts in their fields.
An approximate salary that an AI/ Machine Learning professional can make in India ranges from 6 lakh to 8 lakhs at a fresher level. Experienced professionals can take home quite a higher package. Up to approximately 16- 18 lakhs an annum. 

2. Data Science

The study of various types of data using scientific techniques, procedures, and algorithms is known as data science. This is another modern job option that scientific students might pursue, similar to AI and machine learning. Data is now regarded as being the most crucial component of any corporation. Companies use high-quality data mining and decoding to implement in their operations.
It has evolved into a standard for generating growth for both corporations and investors. Data science, which combines computer science, arithmetic, and analytics, assists a professional in predicting upcoming company figures and other technological data. In order to plan their next operations, businesses can benefit greatly from this. 
Risk management, farming, forensics, and fraud management are a few sectors where data science is crucial.
Simply completing a computer science degree at the undergraduate level and then pursuing a short-term course or post-graduation in data science can help you become a professional in the field. There are numerous online courses available to you if you want to learn data science but don't want to attend a traditional college. InsideAIML's data science courses are very strong in this area. 
In terms of pay, an entry-level data scientist in India can earn up to INR 6-7 lakh per year, with the amount growing sharply as experience and skill development increase year over year.

3. Business Analytics

Data science and business analytics are not the same, despite being used interchangeably in different circumstances. Although both business analytics and data analytics involve the analysis of data, the types of data that are examined differ. Business analytics is the study of business data used to make important decisions for the organization, whereas data science is the use of algorithms and mathematical formulae to data studies afterwards utilized in devising mechanical procedures. 
Business analytics uses highly organized data to make significant changes in business choices, whereas data science investigates both structured and unstructured data.
Business analytics is a highly technical and academic field of work. It is therefore regarded as being extremely rewarding because it entails interacting with the highest tier of a company's management. 
By concentrating in business analytics as part of your undergraduate or graduate degree, you might pursue a career in this field.
Leading Indian corporations are employing business analytics experts and rewarding them generously. Depending on experience level and market conditions, salaries might range from INR 7 Lakhs to INR 17 Lakhs. Some large corporations with frequent and severe company changes are also known to pay more than the 17 Lakh amount.
In conclusion, an MBA in Business Analytics is an emerging field of study that is growing in popularity across all industry sectors. For those of you who have long been on the fence about choosing this career route, you can now start your MBA adventure in Business Analytics as the specialization displays a favorable and hopeful future.

4. Blockchain Developer

Following the bitcoin revolution in the late 2010s, blockchain and related industries saw significant growth. With blockchain development becoming a sought-after career, blockchain has captured the attention of every young person in the nation. 
Unintentionally, blockchain appears to be nothing more than a block-based variation of data science. Then, using cryptography, these chunks are joined together. This cutting-edge, highly complex technology is renowned for producing crucial statistics records and cryptocurrency. 
Blockchain developers are in increasingly high demand as public awareness of cryptocurrencies and their trade increases. Blockchain development is a fascinating topic that calls for a deep comprehension of sophisticated algorithms, mathematics, and computer software. 
A degree in computer science and software with an advanced concentration in blockchain and its development is required to work as a blockchain developer because it is a similarly tech-based job to those stated above. Both online platforms like InsideAIML and prestigious colleges offer these courses as a part of their post-graduate programs. 
A blockchain developer in India might anticipate a wide variety of salaries. A career in this industry might expect anywhere between INR 5 Lakh and INR 50 Lakh per year, as more and more corporations use this technology to optimize their procedures. depending on the state of the market, the amount of experience, and the difficulty of the tasks to be completed. 
Additionally, if starting your own business is your desire, you might be able to use this technology to follow in the footsteps of Vitalik Buterin, who founded Ethereum.

5. Software Designing

If creating cutting-edge programs, software, and apps to simplify people's lives and processes is something you're interested in. Then you should read this. Software designing and development require sophisticated understanding of computer programs and languages, just like the aforementioned vocations. 
Software design is a highly creative subject that allows you to utilize your creativity freely to produce software that is practical for both individuals and businesses. Although graduates from other disciplines can still pursue this career, a science degree is preferred. 
Software design is fairly simple to learn and put into practice. Even if you are earning your undergraduate degree, you can pursue it. You could wish to take a specialist degree in the area, though, if you desire a more rewarding and meaningful profession. 
The returns are regarded as average because there are a lot of software designers and this career requires less specialized training than the others. However, software developers with a strong resume and relevant expertise can easily earn several lakhs per month.

6. Spacetech

While there is no denying that careers in medicine, engineering, biology, and pharmacy are among the top choices for scientific graduates, young adults' interest in space sciences is also gradually growing. However, with technology now being incorporated into practically every academic discipline, space technology is undoubtedly gaining ground. 
Space technology is essentially the use of digitization and technology to build instruments and equipment that can be employed in tasks connected to the solar system and outer space. Vehicles, equipment, and other tools are made by space professionals to aid scientists in their study of space. 
A degree in both mechanical engineering and space sciences is ideal for employment in the highly specialized sector of space technology. However, if you're interested in solving the secrets of space, this is an intriguing career path. 
People who work in the space sciences and technology can make anywhere from a few thousand dollars per month to several lakhs. The prospects for growth are unlimited because this field's potential is still expanding. 

7. Geology

Geology is for you if you are interested in the earth, rocks, soil, and land. Geologists are specialists in the study of the soil and the earth. These experts investigate a region and foresee any prospective threats, such as earthquakes and volcanoes. They produce blueprints for building construction firms and architects based on this analysis. 
Geology is a significant, but unorthodox and underappreciated, branch of science. A four-year geology bachelor's degree can be combined with a master's or doctoral degree for further specialization to become a geologist.
As was already noted, the pay is not as great as that of the aforementioned vocations because it is a very undervalued and unusual topic of study. However, because this is a career motivated by love, income does increase as one incurs more expenses. Starting salaries might range from INR 3.5 lakh to INR 5 lakh annually.

8. Forensic pathologist

Doctors that specialize in dead corpses and their secrets are called forensic pathologists. They essentially assist the law enforcement in identifying criminals by deciphering clues left behind by a deceased person. To determine the reasons of death and any other clues, forensic pathologists examine a dead body post mortem for hours. Interesting, huh? You can get here with a straightforward MBBS and a forensics specialization. 
Most often employed by government organizations, forensic pathologists earn very good salaries. An average forensic pathologist can earn between INR 25 and INR 30 lakh per year.

9. Technical writer

Technical writing has expanded more than ever as consumers' focus shifts toward content as the king. Technical writers are authors who specialize in a particular discipline and produce articles and editorials related to that area. 
Entry requirements in this industry are frequently careless. You can apply to write for a specialist science-based publication or produce your own original material on platforms like Youtube or Instagram. 
In terms of pay, technical writers are compensated per word for their expertise. The price per word can range from INR 5 to 10. This might even be higher for writers who are more skilled and experienced.

10. Astrophysicist

This is for all of you who enjoy seeing the stars, astronomy, and The Big Bang Theory. In the science of astrophysics, materials in space are studied using chemistry and physics principles. 
What about you? These academics base their research on a thorough examination of the creation and destruction of stars and cosmic stuff. 
These scientists often hold a doctorate in astrophysics, and top Indian corporations and research institutions pay them anything from 15 to 50 lakh rupees annually.


We hope my in-depth blog on the top employment choices for science majors has allayed your concerns. The choice of a career might be challenging because it will greatly influence how an individual will live their life after graduation. 
All of the aforementioned occupations for science majors are well-paying and offer the best chances to advance your knowledge and expertise in the chosen sector. Read some of the other blogs in the suggestion section to learn more about more employment opportunities in the arts, sciences, and commerce fields. Cheers to reading!

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