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Python Web Development Libraries - Introduction

Neha Kumawat

3 years ago

Python Web Development Libraries | Insideaiml
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  • Reaching out to your audiences
  • 2. 24/7 Accessible
  • Convenience
  • Global Marketing
  • Credible Source
             Whenever a user opens any web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla and searches for ‘Web development’, thousands of results appear in no time. What makes this possible? Web development! It broadly refers to the work associated with building, creating, and maintaining websites for hosting via intranet or internet. The work associated with website design contains multiple areas: web programming, database management, web design, web publishing, etc.
Web development includes all the codes that influence a website to run. We can separate the whole process of web development into two categories −
  • Front-end
  • Back-end
Though frontend and backend web development is certainly distinct from each other, they are also like two sides of the same coin. A complete website relies on each side communicating and operating effectively with the other as a single unit. Both front-end and back-end are equally important in web development.
The front-end or client-side of an application is the code responsible for everything the user directly experiences on screen from text colors to buttons, images and navigation menus. Some of the common skills and tools which are used by front-end developers are listed below −
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • CSS preprocessors
  • Frameworks
  • Libraries
  • Git and Github
Generally, the back-end/server-side of an application is responsible for managing information within the database and serving that information to the front-end. The back-end of a website consists of a server, application, and database. In general, it involves everything that happens before hitting your browser. The tools required in back-end web development are −
  • Programming language − Ruby, PHP, Python, etc.
  • Database − MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, etc.

Why Web Development?

Web Development | Insideaiml
                In today’s world, there are multiple choices to promote your business or skills and share your ideas. Some of them are promotion through websites, native applications in marketplaces, etc. The trend of creating a new website as a tool for business development is rapidly gaining momentum around the world. But, some of us may be unaware of the importance a website holds in the growth of a business.
Currently there are numerous start-ups struggling to establish their presence in the open market. However, it is also true that most of them fail to gain as much targeted audience as they want. One primary reason which is bringing them down is that they underestimate the potential of a full feature developed website to earn business for them. Website development for business or any other purpose can prove quite fruitful.
Let us look at some of the important reasons why website development is important for business growth −

1. Reaching out to your audiences

           Online websites can reach the broadest audience and are not restricted to a platform that constrains native applications. The viewers or customers can have easy access i.e. from a desktop/laptop to a mobile device, as websites have the capability to display the content through a web browser.
In comparison to native application, web browsing is much simpler because it does not require users to access the app store on their devices or download their app (which may include one or more processes in accessing to your contents). Distribution of your data is much more flexible and agile with web-based application than native ones as there are no stringent app store requirements and content restrictions to follow.
Another tool which is very helpful for web development is the power of utilizing SEO techniques to target your audiences.

2. 24/7 Accessible

          Instead of establishing a physical outlet for the company, if the business owner develops a website as an online forum or similar, there will be good chance of gaining larger audience online to link up. This is because, most of the people are wired up with the Internet all day.
Generally, people prefer to go for the smartest way to check online first and then make a decision. So if the business owner fills all the basic details of the product and makes a secure way to get the product to the customer in a timely manner, then people will prefer buying online instead of visiting the outlet physically. This also allows people to access it even in the oddest hour of the day.

3. Convenience

          A fully functional website provides a greater advantage for users where they can always tune in and look for what they need. Generally, users avoid going to stores physically if they have an option to get it online. So, if you are a smart businessman, you would prefer to have all the details of your products or your stores on the website only to earn business, which you otherwise might not.

4. Global Marketing

         With an online website, you can link up to social forums and market your product/service to a huge audience all around the globe. With this, you can regularly advertise and share your work on social forums to gain much higher footprints of targeted audience.

5. Credible Source

          An online portal is the most trustworthy platform for any company/organization. Sometimes official websites can even function as their sole office. Consider a scenario, where it is not easy to get access to a company’s physical location. In such case, you can overcome this worry by focusing on their website.
In short, by developing a website, you can promote your services by a few clicks and you can grab the attention of consumers from various parts of the world. The website of a company can prove remarkable to gain business not only in a shorter time but also with a much bigger audience.
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