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Career Options After 12th Computer Science

Ankit Sahu

a year ago

career options after 12th computer science
In this blog, we are responding to the question - What are the courses after 12th computer science? and examine the advantages of comprehending each subject and becoming aware of the numerous job options after 12th computer science.

What Are The Best Courses After 12th Computer Science?

Even though you have a variety of options for courses after your 12th-grade computer science, some of the most well-liked technology-related courses are:

1. BTech or BE in Computer Science or IT

The computer science engineering (CSE) BTech or BE program is a four-year academic course of study. Students learn about a variety of topics linked to networking and computer programming in this course. Algorithms, programming languages, calculations, computer-hardware systems, computer software, and program design are a few topics included in the BTech/BE curriculum. 
You gain knowledge in the implementation and management of computer hardware and software when you pursue a career in this field.
You learn various programming languages, telephony, and digital electronics in an engineering course. You also get to learn about how various pieces of hardware or software are designed. You can design individual microprocessors, personal computers, and supercomputers once you've finished your course. 

2. Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

A three-year undergraduate degree program called a BCA instructs students in a variety of topics related to software development and fundamental computer applications. Candidates who desire to earn a degree on par with BE/BTech without losing a year often opt for this course. 
You can study database management, web technology, operating systems, software engineering, and languages like HTML, Java, and C++ as part of your BCA program. Application analysts, data analysts, information system managers, IT consultants, database administrators, network administrators, mobile application developers, and big data analysts are some of the professions you can pursue after earning your BCA.

3. Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science

Another well-liked three-year undergraduate degree that combines computer science, computer applications, and related services is the BSc. 
A BSc program's main objective is to produce IT professionals and research scientists who are qualified to operate in any industry. It enables you to construct ground-breaking software products by putting computer and software technologies into practice. You learn about topics like programming, architecture, and computer networking during the course. You could also take courses on foundational topics like web development, data structures, and system programming.
You can get into a BSc program on the basis of merit or by taking entrance tests. You can take this course in place of an engineering degree. You can complete a full-time, online or distance-learning BSc in computer science rather than BCA or BTech/BE degrees. 
System architects, web developers, mobile app developers, software engineers, website designers, data analysts, and network engineers are some typical career paths to take after completing a BSc program.

Best Career Options After 12th Computer Science

Let's talk about the greatest careers 12th computer science now that you are aware of the courses you can enroll in:

1. Software Engineering

Software engineering is one of the most sought-after employment paths after 12th computer science. Software developers and producers depend heavily on software engineers. To construct the product, they collaborate with software designers and developers. 
The income in this field is excellent, and the likelihood of receiving a high remuneration package increases twofold with experience. A software developer makes an average salary of Rs. 5.1 LPA. It is a dynamic field that will experience rapid expansion in the years to come as a result of the development of technology.
A software engineer with more than ten years of industry expertise may expect to make about INR 15 Lakh annually. You can climb the corporate ladder and land top positions like Senior Software Engineer, Lead Software Engineer, etc. with the assistance of your skills and abilities. 
Average Salary (per annum)
INR 22,65,344 /yr
INR 15,16,941 /yr 
INR 31,49,394 /yr
John Deere
INR 17,72,322 /yr
Persistent Systems
INR 9,48,384 /yr
Source: Glassdoor

2. Cloud Computing

You might also try to break into the cloud computing market. It offers one of the tech industry's highest-paying jobs. The field of cloud computing is concerned with the creation and application of cloud-based technologies. 
The need for cloud computing experts has increased as more firms switch to adopting this technology. It is one of the most in-demand skills, and by developing the appropriate abilities, you can quickly land a lucrative job.
Solutions architects, DevOps engineers, technical architects, and others are typical positions in this industry. In India, a cloud engineer makes an average pay of Rs. 8.5 LPA.
Average Salary (per annum)
Tata Consultancy Services 
INR 5,70,206 /yr
INR 7,07,886 /yr
INR 6,36,936 /yr
INR 8,41,572 /yr 
INR 5,60,329 /yr
Source: Glassdoor

3. Data Science

Data scientist is a relatively new and well-paying job option for students of computer science. You'll be in charge of gathering and utilizing massive amounts of data as a data scientist to address business issues. In India, a data scientist makes an average yearly pay of Rs. 6.5 LPA. With expertise, your income might reach Rs. 30 LPA. Newcomers in this industry typically get around Rs. 4 to 4.5 Lakh per year. 
IBM India, Tata Consultancy Services, Accenture, Amazon, and other major tech firms are among the top employers for this position. Nowadays, businesses use enormous amounts of data. To use this data efficiently and derive worthwhile insights from it, they need the assistance of data scientists.
There are many career options to choose from in this field such as…
  • Data Administrator
  • Data Architect
  • Data Business Intelligence Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Statistician
  • Big Data Engineer
Average Salary (per annum)
Tata Consultancy Services 
INR 7,77,409 /yr
INR 12,91,000 /yr
INR 10,13,914 /yr
INR 6,65,193 /yr
INR 11,94,062 /yr
Source: Glassdoor
To do this, data scientists make extensive use of contemporary technology. They carry out numerous tasks, including statistical analysis, machine learning, and predictive analysis. They are also in charge of creating effective frameworks for data collection. After earning your bachelor's degree, you can take a data science course to improve your chances of landing this position.
Or, you can enroll in a short-term Data Science Certification course by InsideAIML. InsideAIML is India’s only platform that is solely focused on AI and ML courses. Not only will you get a placement guarantee, but you will also get real work experience with an Industry partnership. 

Benefits of doing short-term courses after 12th computer science

  • Saves time: You can save time on research by being aware of all employment options in computer science when you complete your 12th. 
  • Helps in excelling in your career: A successful career can be attained by beginning your career planning early. If you acquire the abilities necessary for a specific employment function, you might be the best candidate for the position. 
  • Helps prepare your future: There are several things to plan when pursuing your 10+2. You feel more prepared for your life when you have a career in mind.


Computer science is in demand and has a promising future. However, the field is so broad, and students choose occupations based on their preferences. The most loved courses are data science, cloud computing, design, video editing, etc. 
Now, those days are gone when you had to complete a degree to get a job, not more and students are preferring direct short-term courses and learning on the job.

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