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What is the use of artificial intelligence in future?

Issac Alex

3 years ago

Table of Content
  • Autonomous Transportation
  • Education powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • Entertainment and Artificial Intelligence
  • Healthcare re-imagined
  • Home and Service Robots
  • Predictive Policing
           Artificial Intelligence is definitely the future of the world. Artificial Intelligence will drive the economy of tomorrow. Are you excited about Artificial Intelligence? Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft are all moving ahead at great speed in improving this Artificial Intelligence. So, it’s very exciting! Software is going to solve that where it’ll look at the new information and present to you knowing about your interests what would be most valuable. So: making us more efficient. We’re focusing on autonomous systems and we sort of see it has the mother of all AI projects.
Areas  where Artificial Intelligence is going to impact our future lives.
  • Autonomous Transportation:
Autonomous Transportation | Insideaiml
As the companies like Uber, Google & General Motors are struggling hard to establish themselves at the top of this market, this would soon bring complete change to an AI – guided transportation and would become a reality. All of the three from Uber to Google to General Motors all want to be a part of fast-growing market i.e driverless vehicles. The methods designed by humans to enable machines work according to inputs of human will be difficult so as to know that systems operate and work efficiently and smoothly. Otto, a startup working on driverless trucks was recently acquired by Uber. With this, we are probably looking forward to major changes around the industry which deals with shipping products around the country.
  • Education powered by Artificial Intelligence:
Education powered by Artificial Intelligence | Insideaiml
In the coming future the preferences of the individuals would be learnt by the AI powered education systems. These systems will gather the data and then will be capable of accelerating education research and and new tools development. The future of AI will see the AI technologies to deliver personalized education at scale and also utilization of intelligent tutors. It is predicted that in future the process of individual student data will be possible and accordingly more attention would be granted to those students who are weak and need more help.By the year 2030, we can expect the line between classroom and individual learning will almost fade away.
  • Entertainment and Artificial Intelligence:
Entertainment and Artificial Intelligence | Insideaiml
The entertainment industry in the near future is expected to change in a little different manner. The industry will become more interactive and personalized with the use of Artificial Intelligence. We will see virtual reality, haptics and companion robots in our house with the use to sensors and hardware. This will help the user to interact with entertainment systems.
  • Healthcare re-imagined:
Healthcare re-imagined | Insideaiml
Artificial Intelligence have promised that in the coming future there would be capability to automate medical diagnostics by mining patient records and the scientific literature. This technology will allow doctors to focus primarily on dimensions of care while utilizing their experience to guide the process. It would soon be a reality that there is personalized medicines for patients according to their past records and data through mobile apps. This will help to make better decisions about the treatment.
  • Home and Service Robots:
Home and Service Robots | Insideaiml
Within the next couple of decades from today we would be witnessing the arrival of artificial intelligence which will have the ability to deliver packages of goods or clean houses and offices. he robots will make use of the Cloud connection to share data for accelerated learning. This will also lead to use of low – cost 3D sensors which will aid in the speeding up of the development of perpetual technology. There will also be progress in the interaction of these machines and robots with humans with respect to speech. But, in the most foreseeable future, these robots are more likely to remain constrained with narrow commercial applications. Also the cost involves in designing such systems makes it a challenging task to implement the perceptual algorithms into the robots.
  • Predictive Policing:
Predictive Policing | Insideaiml
Policing is another domain where the future of AI will have a major stake. Within a decade, cities will fully rely on AI technologies for detecting and predecting crime. Surveillance agencies will use the power of AI in automatically processing CCTV and drone footages, which in turn will help in easily and swiftly identifying anomalous behaviour. Study suggest that in the States, 20 of the nation’s 50 largest police departments have utilized predictive policing software, to forecast the probable places where crime might occur, or to identify probable victims. However, fears surround around discrimination based on the idea of biased data. These fears have resulted in police and communities currently having limited capacity to assess such complex systems.
So, Artificial Intelligence is being seen in every aspect of our lives from medicine to transportation and each small things which in future will enhance the most.

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