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Python 3 - Decision Making

Shery Dsouza

2 years ago

Python - Decision Making | insideAIML
Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Python Decision-Making Structure
  • Decision-making statements 
              1. if Statement 
              2. if-else statement
              3. if-elif ladder


          Decision-making is the conditional choice. The block of code is executed based on the condition. If the condition is not satisfied then the next condition is executed.
In Decision-making conditional expression produce "TRUE" or "FALSE" result. If the result is TRUE first statement is executed and if the result is FALSE second statement is executed.

Python Decision-Making Structure

Decision-Making Structure | insideaiml
  • In decision-making zero or null values consider as FALSE and non-zero or non-null values consider as TRUE.
You can use one if or else if statement or use can use if-elif ladder .
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Decision-making Statements 

1. if Statement 

          It is a single-line and simple statement.
Example : 
value = 1000
if ( value == 1000 ) :
    print ("Value of expression is 1000")
Output :
Value of expression is 1000

2. if-else statement

          The if-else statement checks the condition . If result is TRUE then execute if block otherwise execute else block.
Example : 
no1 = 10
no2 = 50
if(no1 >= no2 ):
  print(“ No 1 is greater than No 2”)
  print(“No 2 is greater than No 1”)
Output :
No 2 is greater than No 1

3. if-elif ladder

          The elif statement check multiple conditions.It execute the condition if one of  the result is TRUE.
Example :
value1 = 10
value2 = 10

if value1 > value2:
   print("value1 is greater")
elif value1 == value2:
   print("both are equal")
   print("value2 is greater")
Output :
both are equal
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