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Python - Capitalize and Translate

Neha Kumawat

2 years ago

Capitalization strings is a regular need in any text processing system. Python achieves it by using the built-in functions in the standard library. In the below example we use the two string functions, capwords() and upper() to achieve this. While 'capwords' capitalizes the first letter of each word, 'upper' capitalizes the entire string.

import string

text = 'Tutorialspoint - simple easy learning.'

print string.capwords(text)
print string.upper(text)
When we run the above program we get the following output −

Tutorialspoint - Simple Easy Learning.
Trnslation in python essentially means substituting specific letters with another letter. It can work for encryption decryption of strings.

import string

text = 'Tutorialspoint - simple easy learning.'

transtable = string.maketrans('tpol', 'wxyz')
print text.translate(transtable)
When we run the above program we get the following output −

Tuwyriazsxyinw - simxze easy zearning.
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