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Machine Learning Career, Salary, Jobs and More

Ankit Sahu

2 years ago

Machine Learning Career | insideAIML
Table Of Contents
  • Introduction
  • What is Machine Learning?
  • Machine Learning Applications
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Scientists
  • Does moving to a new job at ML guarantee a secure and well-paid job?
  • At The End


          Imagine the person in 2010 who predicted that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies would be the next big thing and imagine where that person is now, that person who bet on an industry before anyone was paying attention Has. in the same place? Get your hands on something revolutionary before anyone else?
What if we tell you that there is an industry that everyone knows but few people notice and that is about to revolutionize almost every industry on the planet? Well, the name of the industry is ... Machine Learning
And wait… don't get impatient just yet. 
In this blog, we give an easy to understand breakdown of what machine learning is, what the industry is in India, how someone can change jobs and get into machine learning, what the salary scope is, and much more.
So stay until the end.

What is Machine Learning?

          As a formal definition, machine learning (ML) is a subset of artificial AI that enables software or computer programs to predict results more precisely without being explicitly programmed for them.
But that definition is as complex as Christopher Nolan's films. Let us explain these simpler words: In simple terms, machine learning means that software learns to work independently based on previous experience. For example, if a child touches a thorn in the stem of a plant and feels a sting, they will be more careful the next time they touch a plant.
The child's brain has been programmed to be more careful in the future based on previous experience. In the same way, scientists have now found a way to make machines themselves smarter, as the machine can draw on past experience and improve its performance. Hence the words machine ... Learning ......
But wait, what kind of software uses machine learning? Is it something extremely specialized or do we all know examples of machine learning?

Machine Learning Applications

Machine Learning Applications | insideAIML
          Well, we've all seen machine learning examples come to life in our daily lives in the past few years. Here are some of the machine learning uses:
  • Virtual assistants like Siri and Google have used machine learning to improve speech and language recognition, search results, and effectiveness.
  • Applications like Google Maps are constantly using machine learning to update route, stop, and traffic functions. 
  • Functions such as image recognition, object recognition on your camera or reverse search also use aspects of machine learning. 
Basically, the applications have only gotten better and more advanced since the introduction of machine learning, which means the industry is here to stay.
With the daily advances in mobile technology, robots and biotechnology, the industry is growing exponentially.
Data: It has been predicted that AI will stand at a business value of 3.9 trillion dollars in 2022., while IDC estimates that the worldwide spending on cognitive and artificial intelligence systems will reach 77.6 billion dollars by 2022.
Acknowledge the former As a trend, more than a third of companies in India have already started investing in data science and machine learning, and more are planning to jump on the bandwagon. With the increasing acceptance of these intelligent technologies, the demand for skilled workers who are trained in AI and ML is also growing.
Now is the time to develop your machine learning career! There are several work options to choose from within machine learning. Let's look at some of them.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer | insideAIML
          Machine Learning Engineers mainly work with the design and development of machine learning systems and applications through the use of algorithms and tools.
Since their main role is to develop efficient machine learning algorithms and applications, they must master several programming languages ​​including Python, Java, R, C, C ++, Scala, etc. They must also have a good understanding of data structures. , Data architecture, data analysis, software testing and debugging, among others.

Data Scientist

Data Scientist | insideAIML
          Data scientists are top-class experts who use various tools on a daily basis to collect and interpret huge amounts of data. Their main job is to extract valuable information from large data sets that can be converted to help a company achieve its goal. Data scientists should have a good working knowledge of math, statistics, and programming, mostly Python and Power BI.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Scientists

Natural language processing (NLP) Scientists | insideAIML
         Natural Language Processing, also known as NLP as a tool, aims to give machines or computer systems the ability to understand natural human languages ​​which understand language patterns, learn the nuances of a human language and also spoken words in translate other languages. NLP scholars must master the syntax, spelling and grammar of at least one language. You must have basic machine learning skills.
Okay, so ... now ... let's talk about the elephant in the room. Many people reading this blog may already be on an active career path. To them, words like data scientist jobs and machine learning jobs might not sound like a red flag, but for others, it could turn out to be a gold mine of information.

Does moving to a new job at ML guarantee a secure and well-paid job?

          Perhaps you are studying for something else or you are in an existing career that you would like to change. So is it worth investing in machine learning?
Well, according to a 2019 Indeed report, Machine Learning Engineer is the # 1 job on the list of the best jobs in the US, growing at a whopping 344% for an average salary of $ 146,085 per year. In the USA, but also in India, a career is a lucrative option. The average base salary for a machine learning engineer in India is around 7 lac rupees per year.
The entire industry in India is growing rapidly. Big Indian tech companies like Accenture, TCS, Infosys, IBM, Microsoft, Zoho, Salesforce, and LandT Infotech have already started investing in data science and machine learning, and more are planning to jump on the bandwagon.
All in all, a race with numbers is promising. Machine learning is an industry on the cusp of a massive explosion. It's time for you to secure your seat now if you have the time and a huge advantage on the first move.

At The End...

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