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IoT in Healthcare Industry-Advantages and Disadvantages

Mark Wood

a year ago

Table of Content
  • Advantages 
  • Disadvantages
         Every industry is changing the way it operates as technology is evolving day by day. Healthcare is one of that industry which is witnessing the same. There are amazing opportunities in the healthcare industry due to IoT in the coming years. By using IoT, we can make use of data more efficiently. IoT improves the performance and quality of results by different devices. IoT will change the way the healthcare industry operates.    
 The IoT market in healthcare will be USD 200+ billion in the next three years.
Every technology comes with advantages and disadvantages. We must go through it before understanding how IoT will make an impact on our lives.


1. Data
By making use of more inserted data, we can treat patients more efficiently. Doctors can take the right decisions for patients. Also, data can help patients, doctors, hospitals, companies for their future.

 2. Tracking and monitoring
Through the use of IoT, we can keep track of data more efficiently. It will also improve the safety of patients. We can get the required information within seconds through the database. Through tracking and monitoring, we can reduce risks for patients in a critical times.  

3. Connectivity of devices.
Monitoring gets easier through better connectivity of different devices. It also saves time and money.    

4. Time
Through IoT, we can save a lot of time for diagnosis and treatment. We can monitor remotely rather than giving actual physical visits.
5. Research
IoT devices will collect and analyze a massive amount of data, they have a high potential for medical research purposes.


1. Privacy of Data.
Privacy is the biggest challenge with IoT, as all the connected devices transfer data in real-time. Personal data can be hacked if this end to end connection is not secure. Criminals can use this personal data of others for their own benefits.

2. Accuracy
Accuracy issues may come due to handling such massive data in real-time.

3. Cost
IoT may reduce the cost for diagnosis and treatment for patients, But the cost of installing all the devices and their maintenance is quite high.  
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