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Applications of Machine Learning

Anmol Sharma

2 years ago

Applications of Machine Learning | insideAIML
Table of Content
  • Introduction
  • What is Machine Learning?
  • Machine Learning Applications
  • Conclusion


          A recent study predicted that about 40% of people will lose their job because of Machine learning by 2025. The growth of Machine learning in the last couple of years is huge. At present we are completely surrounded by Machine learning. Booking an Uber ride, ordering food online, online shopping, social media and many more are possible because of Machine learning. Most of the firms are using Machine learning for providing better products or services to their customers. Machine learning has its application in almost every domain. In this article, we will discover machine learning applications in different fields. So, let’s begin with a famous quote on Machine learning.
“Machine intelligence is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make.” ~ Nick Bostrom

What is Machine Learning?

          Machine Learning is a set of algorithms/techniques, which naturally learns through data and
improves over time as they are exposed to more data. Algorithms and data are the key part
of machine learning actions. Algorithms are constantly under work to become more accurate
and reliable but the main factor that determines the success of the Machine Learning model
is the data available for training the same model.
The picture below describes the working of a Machine learning model.
There are three subsets in machine learning and they are as follows
  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning

Machine Learning Applications

Some of the popular Machine learning applications are listed below:
  • Predicting Future- We can now predict the future by using Machine learning. All we need is data and an efficient Machine learning model. The weather forecast, loan defaulters, stock price prediction using Machine learning all are possible.
  • Image and Object Recognition-  Recognizing a person, animal or object from a digital image is one of the major breakthroughs for Machine learning. This technique is used for face detection, object detection, pattern recognition, surveillance and many other related purposes.  
The picture below shows how it works.
  • Fraud Detection- Fraud detection systems can detect any kind of strange activity. They are mostly used for credit card fraud detection, loan defaulters and any other kind of fraud detection. Most of the firms use this system for detecting the defaulters.
  • Speech Recognition- It is one of the best Machine learning applications. Virtual voice assistants, sound diagnosis, text to speech/ speech to text all are possible because of speech recognition. All these technologies convert human speech to a computer-readable format for different purposes.
  • Sentiment Analysis- It is a top-notch Machine learning application. Using the machine learning model machines can analyze the sentiments of people through text data like tweets, feedbacks. The frequency of words can also be calculated. All these help in concluding opinions quickly even for large datasets.
  • Recommendation Systems- Recommendation systems are used by almost every website like clothing, ott and e-commerce. They use your previous data and recommend new products that most likely to be interested in. 
The picture below shows how it works.
  • Medical Diagnosis- In the medical field Machine learning has wide applications. Disease prediction using Machine learning, improving the accuracy of diagnosis, drug development, clinical trials and improved radiotherapy are some of the major applications of ML in the healthcare field.
  • Social Media- Social media platforms use Machine learning for various purposes like automatic photo tagging, recommendation purposes, improving the visual experience, protecting data and automating data. Example: We use different kinds of filters on Snapchat, they are powered by Machine learning.
  • Real or Fake Detection- We can detect fake things that can mislead people. Fake news detection using Machine learning is one of the major applications. Similarly, we can classify an email as spam or not spam. 
  • Language Translator- We can communicate with anyone even if don’t know their language. Language Translator helps to translate any language into any other language in less than a second. Google translator is one of the most popular language translators.
  • Online Support- Most of the websites provide 24*7 online support. They use chatbots that are trained to handle our problems regarding their products or services.
All these are the most popular Machine learning applications. There are many other Machine learning applications in different fields that we can’t even imagine.


          We tried to cover the topmost Machine learning applications. We learned how Machine learning has applications in different domains. There are many other fields that use Machine learning in different ways for their development. We want you to discover how you use Machine learning in your daily life or which Machine learning applications you use most frequently. Let us know in the comment section.
We hope you gain an understanding of Machine learning applications. Do reach out to us for queries on our, AI-dedicated discussion forum and get your query resolved within 30 minutes.
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