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Shashank Shanu

2 years ago

Agent CB | insideAIML
Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • What is a Chatbot?
  • How Does Agent CB work?
  • Some of the main features of Agent CB


          Today, we all know how fast the world is moving. Due to the advancement of new and emerging technology. Taking the example of Scientists and researchers are trying to automate everything to be more productive at their work or to build residency on a different planet.  Similarly, nowadays how the way users interact with different businesses has evolved rapidly as we may notice the shift from traditional channels such as email, phone to a more real-time conversational messaging platform like a chatbot. Automation technology such as Robots which make use of Artificial Intelligence has already made footprints in customer support. This technology also started providing IT support and IT Service Management (ITSM). The main goal of any business is mainly to improve its efficiency and minimize the overall cost.
According to one of the industries reports it to estimate that there will be around $8 billion in annual savings from chatbots, with 80 per cent of businesses considering implementing them in their organization.
Due to development in Artificial Intelligence, it helps us to revolutionize our work environment in the way we communicate with other functions and in our day-to-day job. How Alexa and SIRI are helping us to perform some of the basic tasks to how self-driving cars playing their role. In today’s digital environment, real-time engagement is key to gain a competitive advantage and deliver a great experience. Customers are not willing to fill up a lengthy ticket form and wait for hours to get a response.
Due to the advancements in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) have resulted in more practical use cases of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
One of the recent and mostly use application which uses Artificial intelligence in its backend is Chatbot. Most of the organization are using or willing to use this technology to improve its work efficiency.

What is a Chatbot?

          In simple terms, we can say that chatbot is nothing but an AI application which somewhat behave like humans. Let’s elaborate it.
A chatbot is an Artificial intelligence application that interacts with users, using a conversational platform. AI, Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are the backbones in the development of a chatbot. Chatbots engage in real-time human-like conversations to make every day works simpler, easier and more efficient. 
In one of the recent article Gartner mentioned that “By 2020, the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse.”
That’s how the world is changing at a rapid pace due to emerging technologies.
Chatbots tries to improve the overall ITSM efficiency and productivity by handling routine employee issues much faster which can’t be achieved manually. Nowadays, each and every organization whether it’s a big MNC or a start-up are trying to automate their work. They understood, Automation is a key business priority among IT leaders today and therefore, a chatbot is a next-gen automation tool in order to achieve more with less. Chatbots deflect trivial tickets being sent to human agents. When chatbots are used for IT support, virtual agents interact with the users through a conversational UI to solve queries faster and be available 24/7. Chatbots are designed in such a way that it tries to learn from the past behaviors and they continuously evolve.
So, we at InsideAIML and team build a product called Agent Chatbot or Agent CB which is an AI based chatbot to provide One AI Bot for all Solutions such as Support Channel Automation, Sales Support, User Help Guide, Bot and Agent Both can connect to user and many more.
Let’s me explain you about our unique product Agent Chatbot in details.
Agent CB is a highly featured AI enabled bot developed by InsideAIML team members which understands the context of user’s query and communicate with Agent in case of difficulties and single-handed handles the 84% of users question without human interaction.
It is a kind of one AI Bot for all solutions such as-
  • Support Channel Automation – Agent CB automate level 1 and level 2 activity using Support Automation Bot, train entity on run time to make bot smarter and create a more user-friendly environment.
  • Sales Support – It helps to release Sales representative to key deals by assigning help desk to Agent Bot who handles all queries from the users with an understanding to the context of the query.
  • User Help Guide - Instead of raising helpdesk tickets, get it resolved by the bot. Handle new applicant’s queries, openings and services company provides as well as resolve HR related queries.
  • Bot and Agent Both can connect to the user - Users query gets solved by the bot without human intervention but if the bot could not solve query then Agent gets the notification to give guidance to Bot.

How Does Agent CB work?

          Chatbots are changing the way brands engage with their customers. Their combination of constant connectivity and near-instantaneous response time makes them an attractive way to extend or even replace the functionality of web and mobile apps.
There are two basic categories of modern chatbots.
  • Rule-based chatbots: Rule-based chatbots depend on keywords in the questions they receive to understand the queries. Then, the chatbot will research predefined answers to provide a relevant response. It can respond to specific commands.
  • Artificial intelligence chatbots:  AI chatbots use both machine learning and NLP to provide a more conversational experience. AI-powered chatbots also learn with more interactions using a process based on human reasoning. It responds to natural language or Human Language.
Agent CB works on natural-language-processing and may also call as AI-enabled chatbot which takes some combination of steps to convert text or speech into structured machine-understandable data that may be used to select the proper response.
Below mentioned are some of the possible NLP steps which Agent CB uses.
  • Tokenization - Given a string of words (characters), the natural language processor will divide those words into pieces or tokens that are linguistically significant or otherwise useful for the application.
  • Named entity recognition - Looks for categories of words, like the name of a product, a person’s name, or an address.
  • Normalization - Processes text in an effort to find common spelling or typographical errors that might impact meaning.
  • Part of speech tagging - Identifies parts of speech — nouns, verbs — in the text with the aim of understanding complex sentence structures and how those structures impact meaning.
  • Dependency parsing - Looks for subjects and objects in the given text to find dependent phrases.
  • Sentiment analysis - Watches to learn if the human user is having a good experience or if the chat conversation should be elevated, if you will, to a human operator.
A chatbot working on hardcoded questions/answers has a smaller knowledge base and skill set, and can only provide the correct output to specific instructions but Agent CB is a more advance Chatbot which is capable to handle many different tasks using its unique features of content understanding of the sentence instead of only understanding the position of the sentence.

Some of the main features of Agent CB

  • Easy Integration with key channels- Agent CB can be easily integrated with many different applications such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, Microsoft Teams and so on.
  • No Development Required- It’s a full-fledged AI Bot which does not require any Development.
  • Run time Training Possible – Agent CB is also capable of getting trained during runtime which makes it’s a very unique product.
  • Bot understating the Context of the user’s query- Agent CB tries to understand the context of the sentence given by the user and provide the solution which make it’s a very unique bot as most of the bot available in the market user some other technique which is not so much powerful.
  • Maintains the chat historical data and provides insights. – Agent CB tries to maintain all the historical data which is seen before any time and tries to provide very powerful insights.
If you haven’t started thinking about chatbots yet, now would be a good time to initiate the change in your organization, then getting left behind the curve. To have a demo and for more details about Agent CB please visits us at
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