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11 Best Career Options In Commerce After 12th

Ankit Sahu

2 years ago

After passing your tenth board exam, you must have had to decide which course to pursue. If a student has a preference for science, they will choose that, and if they have a preference for either of the other two - arts or commerce, they will choose those once.
However, if you're looking for courses after your 12th in commerce, you should know that you'll study accounting, finance, business ethics, administration, and other similar business topics. Also, you should know that the future of the commerce industry is promising and positions in this stream pay well. 
Let’s dive in to know about all the promising career options after 12th commerce in detail. 

11 Best Career Options In Commerce After 12th

1.Bachelor of Commerce

Every second student majoring in commerce will pursue a bachelor's degree in commerce, or B Com, after completing their 12th. B Com is one of the most popular courses and is also regarded as one of the greatest professional programs for commerce students. 
This three-year degree program includes classes in management, economics, computer science, statistics, accounting, and statistics. You can rapidly get admission to one of the numerous universities or institutions that offer this program based on your results from the class 10th and 12th board exams.
Eligibility of this Program: 12th Pass out In Commerce Stream
Top Universities Offering Bachelor of Commerce Degree
The following universities are providing Bachelor of Commerce degrees to assist working professionals or those unable to complete traditional education:
  • Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)
  • Jain University 
  • Chandigarh University 
  • Amity University
  • Amrita Vishwavidyapeetham
  • Symbiosis College of Management
  • Delhi University, etc. 

Average Salary of Bachelor of Commerce Degree

After the completion of the program, students can go for job positions like Financial Analyst, Tax Consultant, Auditor and earn a salary in the range of 4 to 6 LPA. 

2. Chartered Accountancy

Students who have completed their 12th grade in the commerce stream can enroll in this professional course immediately. 
Kindly note that you must also pursue a graduate degree because the program is not a degree-granting one. A Bachelor of Commerce can help you build a stronger foundation in accounting, so you can study CA in addition to it.
This program has a significantly higher level of difficulty than other programs. Among the topics taught in this course are accounting,  business laws, cost accounting and financial management, auditing and assurance, advanced accounting, taxation, ethics and communication, and information technology.
Eligibility: 12th Commerce/ Graduation

Average Salary of A Chartered Accountant

A CA's pay ranges from Rs. 8 to 12 LPA on average, however with experience, this salary can rise dramatically. A CA might quickly earn Rs. 40 to 60 LPA after obtaining ample experience.

3. Bachelor Of Economics

Every second commerce student's favorite class in school is unquestionably economics. That’s why a Bachelor's in Economics is one of the professional courses and a very profitable option for students after completing their 12th year of commerce. 
This is a great option for students interested in economics who wish to acquire knowledge and skills in understanding the fundamental ideas and principles of the field. 
Economics includes microeconomics and macroeconomics, econometrics, statistics, economic history, political economy, and other economics-related topics.
Eligibility: 12th In Commerce

Top Universities Offering Bachelor of Economics

  • Jamia Millia Islamia
  • Aligarh Muslim University
  • Manipal University
  • Christ University
  • Delhi University 

Average Salary of Bachelor of Economics Graduates

After the completion of the program, students can go for job positions like Market Analyst, Economist, Investment Administrator, and Financial Risk Analyst, and earn a salary in the range of 5 to 12 LPA. 

4. Bachelor of Business Management

70% of students with a 12th-grade diploma in commerce enroll in management courses, which prepare them for careers in various areas of business management. For students who want to learn the fundamentals of business administration and receive management training after completing their 12th year of commerce, the BBA is one of the most popular options.
It is a three-year undergraduate program that gives students a foundation in management and business principles. 
The basic BBA provides a wide range of alternatives for you so that you can quickly explore several fields, while you can also pursue this course in different specialities. You can pursue a BBA in both the regular and distance learning modes, and students who lack the finances to continue their higher education in the regular form can do so with ease online and through distance learning.
Eligibility: 12th Commerce

Top Management Universities Offering BBA

After graduating with a 12th-grade commerce diploma, you can pursue a Bachelor's in Business Administration at a few prestigious management universities, both online and offline: 
  • Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies 
  • Chandigarh University 
  • Jain University
  • Amrita Vishwavidyapeetham
  • University of Petroleum and Energy Studies
  • Chandigarh University
  • Amity University 

Average Salary of BBA Graduates

Students who successfully complete the program can pursue careers as marketing/sales executives, generalists in human resources, financial analysts, and operations analysts, with salaries ranging from 4 to 8 LPA.

5. Bachelor of Computer Applications

After passing 12th commerce, you can join the BCA program. The IT industry is one of the sectors with the strongest growth rates, and employment in this field typically pays well. Therefore, enrolling in technical programs to pursue careers in areas like Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, and so on is a very profitable and wise decision.
The demand for BCA graduates is skyrocketing as a result of the rapidly growing IT industry. There are several work options for BCA graduates in both the public and private sectors. 
Undergraduate students who want to learn about computer programming languages frequently enroll in BCA. Students in the BCA degree take a range of classes, including C programming, Data Structure, Cloud Computing, Computer Hardware, etc. 
In addition, you will gain an in-depth understanding of computer fundamentals, operating systems, multimedia systems, etc. after completing this three-year program.
Eligibility: 12th Commerce

Top Universities Offering BCA

Numerous colleges and institutions offer the Bachelor of Computer Applications both on campus and online. The following colleges offer BBA programs in an online and offline formats: 
  • Chandigarh University
  • Amity University 
  • Amrita Vishwavidyapeetham 
  • LPU 
  • Delhi University
  • Barkatullah University
  • Pune University

Average Salary of BCA Graduates

A bachelor's degree in computer applications opens up a variety of job profiles with excellent salaries in the IT industry. BCA graduates frequently choose careers as data scientists, software developers, and web developers, earning salaries between 4 and 10 LPA.

Side Courses for Commerce Students

After 12 commerce, a candidate may continue their existing degree program while pursuing short-term courses. After 12 commerce, students can take elective courses that place a strong emphasis on practical skills and enable them to seize opportunities in the real world. For commerce students, taking additional courses can be a wonderful way to improve their skills and stand out from the competition.
Here are a few side courses after 12th commerce:

1. Diploma in Advanced Accounting

After completing a 12th-grade commerce course, students can pursue a four-year diploma in advanced accounting, which will prepare them for future accounting jobs. 
To gain competency in areas like mergers, currencies, acquisitions, financial statements, lease contracts, finances, etcThe course covers advanced accounting operations. 
After completing their 12th year of commerce, qualified candidates can apply for careers as an accountant, financial advisors, tax advisors, or budget analysts, all of which assist clients with their financial decisions.

2. Certificate in Banking

A course leading to banking certification typically lasts six months to a year and aids students in landing jobs as financial or banking professionals. 
It is one of the greatest courses available after 12th-grade commerce since it equips students with abilities that are useful in the workplace. 
These supplemental courses for commerce majors teach information on the banking industry and its components, including tax laws, financial policies, the historical development of banking instruments, etc.

3. Diploma in Retail Management

Many job aspirants are also gravitating toward possibilities in the retail sector due to rising trends and opportunities made available to that industry. 
Through its extensive course structure, which covers the fundamentals of retail management, market specifics, segmentation, merchandising, retail pricing, operations, and customer management, a diploma in retail management makes it possible and equips students to compete for potential jobs following the completion of their 12th in commerce. 

4. Certificate in Entrepreneurship

The country's expanding entrepreneurial talent necessitates qualified applicants to fill the position and advance it toward success. 
Your business journey can get off to a better start if you have an entrepreneurial certification rather than entering the market with no expertise. This training course covers both basic and advanced ideas for running commercial endeavors using interpersonal and intrapersonal abilities. 
Structured trials, market analysis, capital raising, interaction with possible investors, and complex operations are all part of the course curriculum that will help your firm grow over time. 

Courses Offered by InsideAIML

These courses emphasize career preparation by preparing students for talent evaluations, aptitude exams, and interviews. The following list includes some of InsideAIML's top graduate-level courses:

1. Master’s in Data Science

It's a 6-month program created especially for students who have finished their Bachelor's degree and are committed to advancing their careers in the IT industry. 
Learners who are unsure of what to do after 12th-grade commerce and have an interest in technology might also consider it. The program provides the most comprehensive instruction in data science knowledge and skills like Statistics, Databases, Big Data, Business Problem Solving, Advanced-Data Visualization, Cost Modelling, RevenuePredictive Analytics using Python, Machine Learning and Finance, etc.
The profile of a data scientist is currently one of the most sought-after careers, in demand by both large organizations and startups. The training helps with employment profiles in top firms and offers prospects for career-growth options including data analysts, machine learning engineers, and data scientists.

2. AI-Driven Digital Marketing

The course is open to students having a bachelor's degree or an equivalent degree. However, students who have completed their 12th in commerce can also apply.
You will receive a Post Graduate Certification from InsideAIML upon completion of the program. In addition, You will receive guidance on subjects like branding, SEO, SEM, marketing analytics, content marketing, and social media from industry experts and professors from the leading university in the field. 
It is a 6-months program that is specifically created for individuals who have earned a bachelor's degree and are determined to manage their career in the industry. The program provides the best training in knowledge and skills for positions like media manager, SEM manager, SEO specialist, digital marketing manager, social media manager, and content manager.


There are many options for courses following 12th-grade commerce, but making the appropriate decision is crucial.
After 12th grade, a range of business or IT courses are available. You should consider your interests after taking two additional commerce courses, choose a professional route, and then pick the finest vocation in commerce that fits with your future plans from among the alternatives in Accounting, Finance, Engineering, IT, Marketing, or Business Administration. 
Also, consider the salary range, eligibility, required abilities, and institution before choosing any program. We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading our post on the top business careers. We have student counselors you can speak with if you need career advice.  

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